Putin has ordered mass executions of people protesting his war against Ukraine. Protestors in the Dagestani region of Russia will be the first targets because they have been particularly vocal against the forced mobilization of their people to fight a war they are opposed to.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic and a lieutenant general in the Russian military, will direct what a post in Telegram (illustrated below) calls “показова розправа над дагестанським народо” — a demonstrative massacre against the Dagestani people.

Kadyrov single-handedly rules the Chechen Republic through disappearances, torture, and other crimes against humanity. He should have no problem with his soldiers gunning down mothers begging for their sons’ lives, teenagers and young men fleeing on foot from Kadyrov soldiers shooting at them, and journalists reporting on people being taken by force from schools and grocery stories.

A demonstrative massacre: Can you think of a better reason to continue to support sanctions against Putin?

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