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In an interview broadcast on Russian state TV yesterday, Russian president Vladimir Putin weighed in on the US election. Putin said that it would not be proper to congratulate Biden, saying:

I want to assure you: there’s no hidden motive, that we like someone, or that we dislike someone. We are just waiting for an end to the domestic political standoff.

This is similar to the line being taken by Trump and most of his fellow Republicans, who are falsely asserting that the election has not been decided yet (some have also lied even further, saying that Trump won in a landslide).

In “Putin Says No Hidden Motive In Not Congratulating Biden”, RFE/RL reported:

Putin also called the U.S. election system flawed, and asserted that Washington had no right to judge other countries on holding problematic democratic votes.

In short, another large chunk of US credibility has been shot to hell by Trump’s lies, with Putin gleefully twisting the knife.

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  1. Putin is the leader of the Biblical King of the North, the Anglo American world power is the King of the South, these two are to always be at odds with each other goading and trying to shaft each other over, not join forces. Countries that align with these 2 are also part of that Kingship. This means China, Iran and N Korea are also the King of the North and any ally of the Anglo American world power is part of that Kingship.

    No man or woman will ever destroy the Anglo-American world power as its fate is set by Biblical prophecy. It remains until the very day this system of things is swept away forever and the Kingdom of God is established to time indefinite on this planet. Prophecy also says that the King of the North will be draining the wealth of the King of the South in the time of the end, this has been evident since the rise of DJT.

    • China is south of the United States and will become the most powerful economy in the world in this century? Why wouldn’t they be the King of the South??? Just curious?

  2. Putin’s playing a dangerous game. Screwing with the President elect, no matter how good Trump has been, is a dangerous game. If Biden takes this personally, or just get’s how deep Russia has its hooks in us, he may feel obligated to squash it like a bug… and America and still squash Russia like a bug.

  3. Putin should mind his own business. Biden won’t kiss his rump, like Trump. The problem is he needs the same thing Trump needs, a kick in the rear. The problem is like Trump he relies on fear. There will come a day when some one will give him what he’s asking for. And Putin will be a bad memory.

  4. I doubt Biden will be bothered by Putin failing to congratulate him. If he ever does get a call, I expect Biden will say thanks for that but what about those bounties paid. Let’s talk about that.

  5. His boy lost!! Why do you think Trump is having American Surveillance planes destroyed before Biden gets in. It wouldn’t be too far fetched that Vlad suggested it to his boy


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