Michael Flynn fell on his sword yesterday and resigned as National Security Advisor, admitting that he briefed the Vice President Elect Mike Pence “and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador”. Last week, Trump went on record using his favourite tool, Twitter, saying “I don’t know Putin, have no deals in Russia”, trying to distance himself from the brewing contraversy. However, Trump has been strangely silent on the topic since then.

Clearly there are unanswered questions about Flynn’s dealings with Russia before he assumed the role from which he just resigned. It appears the catalyst for Flynn to resign was a report that the Justice Department warned the Trump administration weeks ago that there was a difference between what was being said publically an and the events that actually occurred.

How much did Trump really know about what was going on? Were deals being made with Russia before Flynn and Trump assumed office? We certainly haven’t heard the last of this, especially since Rep. Jerrold Nadler late last week filed “articles of inquiry”, asking for details on the Trump Administration’s connections to the Russian government. And if we find out that Trump really did have deep knowledge of Flynn’s dealings,will he come to regret his public tweet about not knowing Putin and having no deals with Russia.

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