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Also, that he can’t deal with people who don’t know the difference between Austria and Australia.

Speaketh Putin,

“It is hard to conduct a dialogue with people who confuse Austria with Australia, but there is nothing we can do about this. It seems to be the level of political culture in a certain part of the U.S. establishment,” Putin said in his first public statements on the diplomatic dispute that has been deepening since Washington announced the closure of Russia’s consulate in San Francisco, as well as diplomatic properties housing trade missions in New York and Washington.

[Here’s how the diplomatic tit-for-tat between Russia and the U.S. unfolded]

The comments came during a news conference at an economic summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen. Putin repeated boilerplate language about how he and President Trump each defended their national interests, but he laced his remarks with bitter jokes.

Dude.  You think YOU’RE bitter!  

PS if you are reading this could you please drop some of those tapes?  The part of the country who knows Australia isn’t in Europe would like our country back now!…

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