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All the obfuscation taking place to bury the realdeath toll related to Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico needs to stop.

All the bullshitting about how hard it was to “get to the island,” need to be buried too. 

Donald Trump is a FAIL President of the United States and U.S. territories. That fail covers his job as Commander and Chief of the most powerful military in the world. Don’t tell me that we couldn’t have had the military in place and more on alert to flood Puerto Rico and the USVI with food and water and medicine ASAP. 

Because of his failure — there are a lot of dead people in Puerto Rico who didn’t have to die.

I’m tired of the word games.

If I was lying in a hospital in ICU after Maria and the power-failed and I had no oxygen because there was no generator or no fuel for a generator —I‘m dead.  Maria killed me — not with a flying branch, or a wave of  water — I’m listed as a “respiratory failure” but what I really am is a victim of leadership failure and guess who the leader is? 

It’s not hard to find the data on the average number of deaths in Puerto Rico during an equal time frame. The CDC and other government  agencies keep mortality data.

Friends and family coming back from the island are talking about this. Nurses and doctors are talking about this. 

The real news from Puerto Rico is being buried by much of the media . 

Just like the sick, dying and then dead are being covered up. Throw flowers on the graves and a lump of dirt and then walk away.  You are forgotten by all but family and friends — the world has moved on.

Ashes to ashes and Puerto Ricans to dust.

To quote Pedro Pietri’s “Puerto Rican Obituary

All died yesterday today
and will die again tomorrow

So while bureaucrats fight about what exactly should go on the death certificates of the post Maria buried and cremated, I have a simple solution. 

just put  Cause of death : Donald Trump FAIL.

Too  short?  Add  Secondary cause: RACISM.


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