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This may seem a small thing on it’s face, but it portends a higher reality in Trump world. The aide wasn’t accorded any kind of due process or told specifically what the firing offense was. This kind of ambiguity, along with being thrown off the job suddenly, is not how government workers usually are terminated, to say the very least. This is pure Trump world at it’s worse and it behooves us to take note of it.

Who wants to work in an environment where if you dare breathe a criticism or implied criticism of the boss, you’re instantly fired? Or maybe, you’re “Anonymous” the articulate leaker? Paranoia runs deep with respect to that particular personality.

And this is the White House, never forget, a place where people have always wanted to work, a place where a position was considered the capstone of a successful career. But under Trump, it’s a petty hell hole — or as John Kelly phrased it, “It’s a horrible place to work.”



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  1. The worker will survive! God will not allow the righteous to suffer. Now Trump, he has a whole lot to worry about. He will be accountable and hell will be paid.


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