“Pschitt” … fizzling Tulsa Trump Rally response turned into BLM block party

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The response to the Trump rally in Tulsa was peaceful as only 6,611 Trumpists showed up to a 19,000 seat venue. Protesters circled the BOK venue and then marched to the Greenwood area for a celebration.

More than 1,000 people gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s historically Black Greenwood neighborhood Saturday night to dance and protest in a party-like atmosphere, The Washington Post reported.

There was no visible police presence, the newspaper reported, although there were armed security guards patrolling the area.

The Vernon AME Church was lit up with the Black Lives Matter slogan and a clenched, raised fist was projected onto the building, the Post reported.


Earlier Saturday, police in Tulsa said there were “large groups” of demonstrators walking around the downtown area near the arena where President Donald Trump held his rally but said, for the most part, there were no incidents.

“These groups are causing traffic issues, however, they have been demonstrating peacefully,” the Tulsa Police Department said in a tweet.

“Overwhelmingly these encounters have been peaceful with everyone attempting to share their views,” another tweet from Tulsa police said.


So many failures in that attempt to restart the Trump campaign, the most memorable is Trump bragging that he slowed down testing:

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