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Members of the white nationalist, misogynistic group “Proud Boys” were apparently denied rides from taxis and Ubers after a “We the People” rally in Philadelphia. At the rally, it appeared that there were significantly more anti-racist protestors than actual racists, but the rally did attract other far-right groups, including the Three Percenters, which is essentially a militia.

As is the norm after any big event, cabs and Ubers appeared as the rally ended. As is caught on video, however, many drivers chose to leave with their cars empty rather than transport Proud Boys.

For VICE, Tess Owens covered the rally, including the ride refusal, writing:

An Uber would pull up, protesters would swarm and tell the driver they were about to pick up fascists, and the Uber would speed off.

Three unsuccessful Uber attempts and one unsuccessful metered cab attempt later, and law enforcement switched plans, bringing the remaining three further into the old precinct headquarters, signaling to everyone that the show was over.

Notably, the group reportedly included David Kuriakose. He was one of the Proud Boys arrested after a violent attack on anti-fascist protestors in New York City last month. Kuriakose is now facing riot and assault charges from said incident.

At this rally, rows of police and metal barricades kept protestors separated from rally goers. There have been reports of some scuffles and tensions, but thankfully, no major incidents of violence have been reported from this rally.

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