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We now live in a nation the majority of us no longer recognize. Every day, sometimes every hour, another assault—be it physical, psychological, or both—is perpetrated against members of minority communities… and this time it’s done with brazen encouragement from the highest elected official in the land. Previously, police have killed unarmed black men and children with blood-chilling regularity, but when a Nazi in Charlottesville pulled out a gun and fired it at an African-American male he shouted the word “nigger” at, the police neither intervened nor arrested the shooter.

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In a separate Charlottesville incident, twenty-year-old Deandre Harris was savagely and mercilessly beaten with metal poles by a group of white supremacists for the “crime” of being black. “Deandre never had any fear about ever going anywhere or walking around,” his mother Felicia told the Daily News. “That personality that he has? Everybody loves Deandre… But now it’s like he’s so bottled up to where he does not want to speak or talk to people.”

neo-nazis beat Deandre Harris, 20, with metal poles while police and bystanders watch

Heavily outnumbered, Deandre literally fought for his life. Once again, the police did not intervene. 

Now paranoid about leaving the house, the once happy-go-lucky Deandre is living in a self-imposed prison. Mr. and Mrs. Harris want their son to heal, but neo-nazis continue to harass, threaten, mock and intimidate the twenty-year-old on social media and via his cell phone, thereby depriving him of nearly all contact with the outside world. Deandre can’t turn on his phone or browse the internet without being forced to psychologically relive his terrifying brush with death.

Despite clear video footage, only one male has been arrested in connection with Deandre’s beating—and it took police over a week to do even that much. When it comes to black suspects, police have a track record of arresting first and asking questions later, but white perpetrators in broad daylight were seemingly shrugged off by them. (Click here to read Deandre’s firsthand account.)

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Americans of all colors have had enough.

“The March to Confront White Supremacy,” will begin in Charlottesville on Monday, August 28th, reach Washington D.C. on Wednesday, September 6th, and culminate in a protest that will not end until Trump and his regime are removed from office. Mass housing will be provided—presumably by the protest’s sponsors—for anyone who wishes to participate. If you’re interested in joining the march, rallying in the capital, and/or making a donation, please visit their website at for more information.

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