Protesters dropped a massive banner at the opening day game of the Washington Nationals on Monday that read “Impeach Trump #Resist.”

The banner, which also displayed the colors of the Russian flag, was unfurled from the observation deck after the game had ended, in view of all spectators.

President Donald Trump was invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the game, but declined, breaking a tradition that began with President William Howard Taft, The Hill noted.

While the president didn’t get the chance to see the banner in person, it was posted multiple times—from multiple angles—on Twitter, his favorite communication medium.

Activist Jason Charter of the populist group Americans Take Action claimed responsibility for the demonstration. He told local media that his organization believes Trump is a “traitor” due to his alleged connection to Russian election interference.

“Today, Ryan Clayton and I dropped a Russian flag with ‘Impeach Trump #Resist’ at the Nationals Opening Day game where Donald Trump was supposed to throw the opening pitch like many presidents before him. Although we wish he could have seen our flag in person, we believe that he still got the message,” Charter said.

In other news, the Nationals beat the visiting Marlins 4-2.

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