Well this got my attention.  I know nothing more than what I just read in the Times but thought I’d pass it along to be filed under the “Never A Dull Moment” column, as if we don’t have enough going on right now.  But it’s interesting and weird and nobody seems to have been able to find this guy or why he’s missing.  

The mysterious disappearance of the lawyer John Pierce began last Tuesday, prosecutors say, when he missed a hearing for one of the many cases where he is representing a defendant in the Capitol riot investigation. The young associate who took his place said that Mr. Pierce had a “conflict.” At the time, no one seemed to give it much mind.

But in the days that followed, Mr. Pierce — who is defending more cases connected to the riot than any other lawyer — missed additional hearings and the reasons for his absence started changing.

Stories range from the usual On A Ventilator With Covid to Victim of Car Accident to Hospitalized With Dehydration and Exhaustion, etc, but the fact is nobody knows what has happened to this guy or why he has vanished.  The article states that he’s been somewhat distracted recently, according to some clients — and even the Times can’t get a response.  Several phone lines at his office have been disconnected.  The Government has gotten involved because the rights of his clients are perhaps at risk since their lawyer has disappeared.

Mr. Pierce’s unexplained absence was only the latest twist in his outsized role in defending those accused of participating in the Capitol attack. His clients — among them members of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers militia — have stood out not only for their number, but also for the scorched-earth battle that he has vowed to wage on their behalf.

A self-described pro-Trump populist, Mr. Pierce has promised, for example, to force the government to give him video footage of the Capitol for several days before and after Jan. 6, and has said he will demand information about every police officer working at the building that day. He has also vowed to subpoena hostile witnesses like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ostensibly to learn what she may have known about security at the Capitol before the attack.

So.  I was talking to my neighbor who like me is an older lady and I told her, I wanted to get old in a nice boring peaceful scenario.  This is all very entertaining but I don’t like it and I miss No Drama Obama.

Anyway, I thought you guys might find this interesting and disquieting.

We live in Interesting Times for sure.  I was watching MSNBC and I think Joy Reid or maybe Chris Hayes was showing footage of big fat bald white guys shooting enormous machine guns and these fools are running for Congress.  They are openly threatening violence in the halls of Congress now and I thought I heard Eric Swalwell saying some members are wearing body armor to work.

Meanwhile the pro-war crowd is 24/7 beating up Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan.  But of course.  We have spent $2,000,000,000,000 to secure Taliban rule in Afghanistan.  WTF.

But I digress.

I hope this guy is OK, because who needs to hear that another human is suffering or hurt or worse.  But given the people he’s defending who knows.

Peace, Kossacks.  Be safe.


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