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Now this, this is what Project Lincoln should be doing:

He continued describing those targets, the entities for “Donations that are made to @GOPLeader [Kevin McCarthy], any organization he controls or any committee he controls will draw an action.” That’s the lane for the Project Lincoln gang, those Republicans who spent a lot of time during this election lifting content from left-leaning groups and raising a lot of money to produce and run ads for the purpose of making Trump mad. The group seemed more interesting in rehabilitating themselves and their own political reputations—perhaps to cozy up to the Biden administration and Democrats in power—than in doing the work to reform the Republican Party they helped build. So this is a good development.

Every Republican—all 147 of them but especially Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz—who voted to overturn election results even after the insurrectionist mob of terrorists drove them out of the House and Senate chambers must be held to account and ostracized. Hitting them where it hurts by taking away their big donors is exactly the right lane for the Lincoln gang to be in. Big business can’t run away from Trump fast enough right now. “The chaos unfolding in the nation’s capital is the result of unlawful efforts to overturn the legitimate results of a democratic election,” one group made up of the CEOs of some of the nation’s biggest companies, the Business Roundtable, tweeted. The far-right National Association of Manufacturers called on Vice President Pence to oust Trump with the 25th Amendment. “Anyone indulging conspiracy theories to raise campaign dollars is complicit,” the association said.

Well, that has to go for the 147 House and Senate Republicans who supported those conspiracy theories by trying to overturn the election based on those lies. If Project Lincoln can make that happen—the end of the flow of corporate dollars to the seditionists—more power to them. (Not that it will be that hard now that Democrats are going to be in charge of Congress and the White House and have the power.)

But corporate America funds the fascist Republicans and needs to be called out for that. No one better to do that calling out than other Republicans.

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  1. I think the Lincoln Project is powerful and they provide excellent messaging. They are the messaging and pressure structure the Democrats have been missing. We need to use them to maintain and build power and push our messaging. Just because most are Republicans, they are very good at what they do. Do Not turn away from free advertising or push the purity test on folks that want to help you. They are like any other ad organization or independent group.

    • Yes, Steve Schmidt is my hero! His strong voice with conviction, tells it like it is. Truth beats Trump and his traitors every time. Go Democrats, take our country back from ignorant seditionist, who are patRIOTS that tried to trash our Democracy, while trashing our Capital. WE’LL NEVER FORGET JANUARY 6, 2021!

  2. There are also Independents out here that support. This should not be about what party you are in but about conscience, demand for truth and punishment for breaking the law.

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