Well, it looks like there was going to be another Las Vegas style mass shooting in Denver at the All-Star game that was prevented by an alert hotel employee. Police recovered over 1000 rounds of ammunition and 16 weapons. The hotel room had a balcony that overlooked the plaza in front of Coors Field. 

For those keeping score at home this appears to be the 2nd mass shooting prevented this week from a Hotel. (Chicago was the first)

But this one seems different.

Some of you may not be aware, but the reason that the All-Star Game is in Denver is that Major League Baseball moved it from GA in the wake of the voting suppression bills that passed the GA legislature. Well, a right wing organization funded by billionaires sued MLB over it, and got their ass handed to them in court. The lawyer for the Right Wing org? The same one who is representing Sidney Powell in misconduct proceedings in Michigan, and also represents her in the Dominion lawsuit…. 

This is a local Denver broadcast about it. 


The investigation is going to be interesting as to their motive.

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