Pro-Trump Journalist John Solomon Attacks Fiona Hill, Doubles Down On Conspiracy Theory As War On Truth Ramps Up


The impeachment inquiry likely concluded today and the next step is the drawing up of formal Articles of Impeachment. However, the real battle to be fought in the days ahead is not a factual or legal one based upon the testimony and evidence presented to the House. The real battle is going to be between the two competing narratives of truth in the cultural war, that has contaminated American media and consequentially American life, and tanked empirical evidence, as we used to understand that term. We now live in Wonderland, where the words mean whatever you want them to mean — for real. This premise is exemplified by the fact that right-wing reporter, John Solomon, whose false allegations of Ukraine interference in the 2016 election were called out by Fiona Hill Thursday, as the conspiracy theory and twaddle that they are, and his pure Trumpian response to same: double down and attack, the facts be damned.

Lutsenko is a peach. NBC News reported that

Lutsenko was the country’s chief prosecutor under the previous Ukrainian government, serving from May 2016 to August 2019.

When approached by Giuliani and his associates, Parnas and Fruman, Lutsenko was facing an uncertain political future. The Giuliani team saw U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch as an obstacle to their objectives — digging up derogatory information on former vice president Biden and smoothing the way for a possible natural gas deal in Ukraine, former officials said.

“[Lutsenko’s] incentive to help was to take out the ambassador,” said a former senior diplomat with experience in the region. “He was angry at criticism from the U.S. embassy over the slow pace of reform in the justice sector.”

“There was this personal payback dimension.”

Point being, that all that Solomon or any of his ilk need to do, is throw out a talking point that sounds about right and until somebody who actually knows something can fact check it and put up an argument, points are won in the cultural dispute and the beat goes on. It’s a conflict based on innuendo, bias, and personal agenda, all fueled by greed. Our institutions are being undermined at an alarming rate.

The truly terrifying part of all this, is that the GOP is fully on board for this cultural war, because it plays right into their hands. The GOP stopped being a legitimate political party many years back — it’s scarcely the party of Eisenhower any more — and now power and the pursuit of profit are their only motivations. They don’t give a ding dong for the truth — in complete contravention of the oaths of office that they swore, but that holds no sway in a party where the price of admission increasingly seems to be to smash your moral compass and leave it at the door.

This does not bode well for the next stage in the proceedings ahead. Assuming Articles of Impeachment are drawn up and pass the House, the matter will proceed to the Senate, and so far there is not a single Republican Senator on board to dispose of Donald Trump. Not one. There is the usual conjecture about who might bail on Trump for his or her own political survival, but so far conjecture is where even the most ardent political prognosticators are stopping on this subject.

Make no mistake: we are at a crossroads here and the survival of our way of life is at stake. We live in a complex technological age. Twitter moves at the speed of light, Facebook had a profound impact on the 2016 election, with it’s Russian bots masquerading as the neighbors, and the right-wing media machine is stoked for the battle ahead. Consider this stance by John Solomon as merely a flare going into the sky, indicating how the entire army is going to move. Expect Fox News, Sinclair, and every right-winger in media to attempt to salt every inch of factual earth they can find, and poison it, so that truth cannot grow. Look at how effective their and Bill Barr’s disinformation campaign was against the Mueller probe. This assault on reality and empirical fact is pernicious and it’s negative effect cannot be overstated.

There is an anger and a rage in the land, on both “sides” and the central issue is whether the truth will be big enough to stand on it’s own and be validated as such, or whether the propaganda machine is stronger — and if that’s the case, then fascism, here we are. The likes of Rupert Murdoch and the people at Sinclair are banking on the stupidity of the American people, praying that their simplistic, tabloid-level, emotional explanations will win the day over any factual analysis that might require critical thinking skills — which are in short supply these days, due to the dumbing down of the educational system the past 40 years. That is their gamble and the fact that we are even at this point in history, with Donald Trump in the White House, and discussing this, shows you that so far their gamble has paid off for them. The cultural narrative has been shot to hell by these people for the past fifteen years or so, and has grotesquely plummeted the last three. It’s not unrealistic to assume that the Battle of Gettysberg, truth edition, may lie just ahead in the Senate.

This is sobering as hell. I wish I had a theory, but i’m with the others looking into the crystal ball and hoping for a sign. Right now everything is dark.


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Truth always wins, this system is run by Satan and he is the father of the lie. This world is passing away and so is all in it. Any day now the political is going to turn on the false religious system and destroy it, ushering in the Great Tribulation and complete and total destruction of this system of things, including all nation states, their rulers and anyone adhering to them.


The republitards agenda is to set a narrative for a mindless group of knuckle dragging, mouth breathers to try to rise up and scream conspiracy theories about how the deep state started 35 years ago tried to take down the mango maniac. Solomon is a putz, he wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him on his Richard cranium, I still can’t believe people actually believe what he writes

chris whitley
chris whitley

Old country saying. If the shoe fits, WEAR IT!!