Journalist Johnathan Katz captured video of the Congressional delegation consisting of Reps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Joaquin Castro and Rashida Tlaib visiting the child detention facility in Clint, Texas.

He posted several clips of the group, but the one I am highlighting is the advocates of Concentration Camps shouting Islamic slurs at Rep. Tlaib:

Some reactions:

Here is Katz’s video of AOC talking about people being forced to drink from toilets:

And AOC trying to speak to the crowds. (sorry about the double tweets, they are linked in Katz’s thread.)

Rep. Ayanna Pressley making herself heard.

The people shout out elected Representatives to support the abuse, imprisonment, and degradation of refugees, including little kids, are a real and present danger to our country.

We must do all we can to push back.

There will be protest all over the country today to demand we close the camps.

Find one below and attend if you are able.

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