More Proud Boys and Oat Squeezers go on trial soon to judge previous guy’s puny, Peyronie’s putsch.

Trump is after all impervious to using stunts to divert attention or copies of Forbes 400 to impress porn stars. And then there’s his ‘psychic friends’ explanation for declassifying government documents by using the intercessory force of his ego.


Judge Cannon claims that Donald “Orange Jesus” Trump is stigmatized. and German legislator Friedrich Merz makes Saturday QAnon prediction day, only making us wonder where Mike Lindell is, maybe Munich rather than Mankato.

German lawmaker Friedrich Merz speaking to the Bundestag about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. In his speech, Merz misspeaks and says that everyone will remember where they were on September 24, rather than February 24, the day Russia invaded. Merz corrected himself in the official record of the Bundestag, but QAnon followers in Germany believed they’d spotted Merz revealing a detail of a secret plan.

Without any extra information, however, QAnon followers were at a loss about what exactly was going to happen on the date in question. Soon, some intrepid researchers came up with a theory based on a single episode of The Simpsons.

One member of a German Telegram channel pointed out that in episode 9 of Season 24 (9/24, Sept. 24, get it?) of the animated sitcom, the plot revolves around a group of preppers. In particular, the characters discuss WROL, or Without Rule of Law, which is doomsday-prepper lingo for the complete breakdown of society after a major catastrophe.

The episode also features an electromagnetic pulse device, which QAnon followers believe will usher in “10 days of darkness” and ultimately the return of former President Donald Trump to the Oval Office.


Supporters are increasingly convinced their predictions will soon come true, buoyed by Trump’s seeming support for QAnon and recent events they cite as evidence of something happening, like the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago and Queen Elizabeth’s death.

But the building frustration has fueled violence. “Many in the QAnon scene are frustrated that the secret plan they so desired has not yet been seen in reality,” Josef Holnburger, co-director of CeMAS, a think tank specializing in conspiracy ideology and right-wing extremism, told VICE News.

In the U.S. alone there has been a noticeable uptick in violent activity linked to QAnon conspiracies in recent weeks. Last week, a man in Michigan shot and killed his wife and shot and injured his daughter after being radicalized by QAnon conspiracies. In Pennsylvania, an armed man who had shared QAnon videos on Facebook entered a Dairy Queen shop and threatened to “kill all Democrats.”

“Some individuals are therefore taking the plan into their own hands and threatening those they identify as enemies with death,” said Holnburger.…


Former Watergate figure John Dean warned there will be violence as Donald Trump finds himself in increasing legal peril.

Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel, who was disbarred after his Watergate conviction, offered his analysis following Tuesday’s hearing in a Brooklyn courtroom before Special Master Raymond Dearie.

“It seems Trump’s lawyers are trying to protect his lie that he declassified all the Mar A Largo documents,” Dean wrote in a thread posted to Twitter. “GOP does not want him to declare until after 11/08 so he needs the lie. He feels (rightly) he won’t be indicted until after the midterms. After the midterms, he will declare!”

“As a POTUS candidate he is not only the center of attention but he can claim any indictment is a political act to keep him out of the Oval Office. Running for POTUS is his best defense from going to jail. Who knows, he might convince one or more jurors! If he wins…. No. He won’t,” Dean predicted.…


Here’s the kicker. Cannon says, “Plaintiff has claimed injury from the threat of future prosecution and the serious, often indelible stigma associated therewith.” Well, yes, Trump may be harmed—because there is probable cause to believe crimes have been committed and the FBI may have evidence of it. Trump is in a world of legal trouble because of his own actions and for no other reason than that, period.

The same week that the Justice Department appeals Cannon’s decision, we have learned that the DOJ sent dozens of subpoenas to high-level Trump operatives and advisers, now making clear that virtually all of Trump’s efforts to remain in office are under investigation. We do not know of, nor have we seen any evidence that directly links the Mar-a-Lago national security investigation with the fake electors, Trump campaign financing, or the violence that erupted on January 6, 2021. But one thing is clear. Trump’s attorneys are also receiving subpoenas.

Sadly, this is not surprising. Since the 2020 election, Trump lawyers have been in the news for efforts to overturn the results. Four Trump attorneys in particular—Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Boris Epshteyn—have been in the sights of the January 6 committee for months. All had played some role, according to the committee chair, Representative Bennie Thompson; the attorneys spread the Big Lie, and at least two, Giuliani and Epshteyn, participated in the “fake elector” scheme. News reports state that federal agents seized Epshteyn’s phone pursuant to a warrant. A judge in the Michigan 2020 election case called for Trump attorneys, including Powell and others, to be investigated for ethics violations. The judge said it “was about undermining the People’s faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so.”

We don’t know how the DOJ investigation should end. We only know that it isn’t over and, for the sake of our democracy and the rule of law, we need it to be full and fair and to follow the same rules and protections for everyone, including private citizen Trump. Trump has spent the past several years undermining the legitimacy of democratic institutions, including the DOJ and the courts. It must stop.…


Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff in the DHS, said Trump, whose 2016 campaign cornerstone was to build a border wall, once took the idea of shipping migrants north to the next level.

Taylor said Trump directed officials in early 2019 to dump immigrants into Democratic cities and states. However, the president was “much more specific.”

“He wanted us to identify the murderers, the rapists and the criminals and in particular, make sure we did not incarcerate them, and we put them in those cities,” Taylor said on CNN. “It doesn’t take a lawyer or genius to recognize that this would likely be illegal to do.”…




2/ And America First leader Nick Fuentes.

7/ I’m no mind reader. But if someone wanted to establish plausible deniability for Nazi salutes, they wld do what you did, Mr. Wallnau. Unless you are stupid you had to have known how this would be perceived. You shld apologize bc you are scaring people regardless of ur intent. 

8/ BTW, we know you are a fan of Nick Fuentes fan girl MTG.

9/ You and your pals prayed over MTG after you recited this dominionist decree on stage in Georgia.

11/ Look at that. You interviewed MTG six days ago.


• • •










One thing is certain: The 2020 race was not stolen. But Mr. Trump and his Republican enablers have been working to rig future elections to their advantage. (Of course it’s the people shrieking most loudly about fraud that you really need to watch.) The former president has convinced his followers that the electoral system has been so corrupted that the only way to save America is for MAGA patriots to take over the system to ensure that the “right” candidates win going forward. His allies have been busy engineering such a legal takeover, and key pieces of the plan are already in place.…

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