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Over the weekend Resident Dumbass took advantage of his assembled Republican brain-trust, such as it is, at Camp David by lingering in his soiled sheets and Tweeting about a sycophantic column in the New York Post which I will not direct your attention to…

That’s when President SpellChek took over…

Huffington Post


“Just a day after he declared himself a “very stable genius” and “like, really smart,” President Donald Trump mixed up the word “consequential” with “consensual” in an embarrassing tweet.

The screwup appeared in a Sunday night tweet in which Trump praised a supportive column in the New York Post. Writer Michael Goodwin lauded Trump’s “enormous consequential presidency,” but Trump referred to it in his tweet as an “enormous consensual presidency.”

You might also notice that Resident Fullonignoramus also edited out the bit when Goodwin admitted being frustrated by Groppenfuhrer, echoing a sentiment undoubtedly shared by every woman who has had the misfortune of stripping sheets with him…

Twitter, of course, was quick to weigh in:


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