The calamitous era of Donald Trump is coming to just the sort of ignoble end that was easily predictable based on his contemptible record of hate, dishonesty, greed, negligence, incompetence, and malignant narcissism. Trump was, and is, a sociopath who never cared a whit for America or the American people.

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Now in his final days, Trump has sequestered himself in his White House bunker, refusing to honor even the most trifling presidential duties or traditions. He has been invisible to the public for six straight days. That’s actually quite a feat for someone so notoriously egomaniacal. It speaks to the agonizing degree of despondency he must be suffering. And it cannot be due merely to his banishment from Twitter, which is surely gnawing at him, because he has all of the other communications resources available to any president. Although his Twitter absence has resulted in a major improvement of the Internet with a 73% decline in misinformation since his involuntary exit.

Trump’s uncharacteristic withdrawal from the attention he craves is further evidence of his innate cowardice. He simply can’t face the world before which he has been humiliated as the loser he has always been. It’s ironic that Trump’s cult disciples have regarded him as a courageous fighter for principles in which he never believed. The truth has always been apparent that he is a sniveling coward who fears any circumstance that he can’t control.

That fact is evident nowhere more than in his fear of the free press. Trump has spent the last four years manically assaulting the media as “the enemy of the people.” However, he has also steadfastly avoided confrontation with any reputable journalist whenever possible. And now that his term in office is over, the extent of his seething fear has been documented by presidential chronicler Mark Knoller:

This chart puts Trump’s media phobia into stark perspective. He was plainly too frightened to venture outside of the comfort zone that he knew awaited him at Fox News. The bootlicking sycophants at Fox promised him a free ride as well as shelter from the free press. Consequently, he spent the vast majority of his time granting softball “interviews” to suck-ups like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. He never once granted an interview to CNN, which is the first time in the network’s history that it didn’t interview a president.

This Fox favoritism came at the same time that Trump wavered between an ardent affection for his Fox protectorate and seething animosity for the network if they ever faltered by slipping in a tender criticism. His love/hate relationship with Fox occasionally resulted in blistering attacks declaring that Fox News is dead and that his cult followers should quit watching and switch to the even more obsequious Newsmax or One America Network (OANN).

So Trump is fleeing the presidency with the same gutless trepidation that he demonstrated from the start. He shrunk from any confrontation because he knew deep down that he wasn’t up to the fight. And losing would be too mortifying to contemplate. And those are the same reasons that he is now retreating from public view. He is the consummate coward, which will remain a key component of his loathsome legacy forever.

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