Jen Psaki strikes again. This time it was a specific preparedness that knocked Steeve Doocy off-kilter. And it was beautiful.

Jen Psaki Strikes Again

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Steve Doocy started enumerating some violent statistics in various big metropolitan cities. Of course, there were two messages. The first was that the increase was not gun-related. The second is that he is implying that the crime rate was increasing solely in rural areas. The truth is, as early as 2018, crime rates hit highs in rural America.

Jen Psaki was not interested in that because she knew what Fox News’ Doocy’s main point was. Crime increase is not gun-related. Well, Jen was prepared with a list of stats right back at him. And she had a bigger gun.

After a few back and forths, Doocy asked a rather silly question. He wanted to know the President’s thoughts on police morale. She gave him the appropriate answer. He was asking the wrong person. But she used the question as a segue into pointing out that the American Rescue Plan, which all Republicans voted against, helped first responders like police, firefighters, and more.

Preparation is a good thing especially when you are surrounded by a press corps intent on finding gotcha moments. It prevents unnecessary distractions from the message of the day.

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