MSNBC / YouTube Watergate Prosecutor Giuliani Is Making Things...
MSNBC / YouTube

Preet Bharara told Wolf Blitzer today that he didn’t see Rudy Giuliani lasting too much longer as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, despite Trump’s protestations that “Rudy is a terrific guy.” Bharara said,

“Trump loves you on Monday, hates you on Wednesday, fires you on Friday. It wouldn’t be anything new, and it wouldn’t signal anything other than you’re going to have continued discontinuity.”

Great formulation, “continued discontinuity.” That encapsulates the Trump administration perfectly in just two words.

Bharara also noted that not much had been heard from Emmet Flood.

“Of all of the president’s attorneys, Flood comes with the best reputation, from both sides of the aisle, as someone who is sober minded, understands what the law is, speaks only when he knows what he’s talking about.”

Guiliani, on the other hand, is described by Bharara in opposite terms.

“Giuliani’s inconsiderate, incompetent statements about not knowing the facts, focusing only on the law, being halfway familiar with some of the facts in the case, not being able to answer basic questions– I wouldn’t retain that lawyer very much longer.”


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