Well as I sit down today I reflect on another day. I wanted to write about PPE and other hospital supplies. You might say why do I want to bring this up, again? Didn’t we hear enough about this in the spring? Didn’t the government supply auction run by Jared to get all these things where they needed to be? Well, the simple answer is no.

All they accomplished was to put a bandaid on a deep wound. There’s still a shortage of PPE. The only good thing that came out of his Springs joke force auctions that were presided over by the ever dancing walking stick Jared is that the doctors and nurses have learned to ration and reuse their meager supplies. It gets brought up occasionally but gets quickly muted.

Now the other day I was passing emails to my editor and had incorrectly labeled what particular act I was thinking of. That was somewhat easy since in recent months our dear, loving humanitarian president has so abused both. I was saying the War Powers Act. What I meant was the Defense Production Act. They are two different things. Well, I have been researching to find out which one I was thinking of. Now I just took a quick look at which was which because I wanted to make sure I was right, this time. Now, silly me, I found somethings I now want to look at more closely. But that will be another day. Now what I was bringing up was that with the Defense Production Act Trump could have done something very admirable and completely useful to the world. But that wouldn’t be putting America first and we all know how he feels on that. Trump said the future belongs to patriots, not globalists, but I think we’d be better off as globalists.

Now what Trump could have done is take American factories and under the Defence Production Act, forced them to re-tool and start making all the stuff necessary to fight this pandemic. This could have spilled over very easily to where we would be shipping medical supplies all over the world. Remember two things here: Jobs and jobs that pay well.

And of course, if Donnie had a brain and would have done this, a good portion of the jobs lost wouldn’t have been lost and we would still have are GDP numbers on some production. I know – a silly idea from a country boy!  But it would have gone a long way toward decreasing the disease and the effect it’s been having on us.

Somehow, I can’t figure out how with only 4% of the world’s population we have 25% of the COVID-19 cases. And I just saw this number in a news story today. And this breaks my heart.  Of course, anybody that knows me knows that’s not really hard but this one is bad. There are 188,538 COVID 19 deaths as of this morning. Why? Because we have an idiot in the White House that would rather golf than do his job.
Now, why is that important? Because although our commander in chief says he doesn’t take responsibility for anything bad that happens.
Now that is important. Why do you ask? Well, the moron in chief said that governors should take care of everything in their states. And his son-in-law says that the national stockpile of medical supplies belongs to the federal government.  And of course, whenever the states would find any supplies and tried to bring them in Jared would swoop in and steal them.

Now you may wonder why I bring all this up for. Well first, Trump, in his infinite wisdom, says the companies are stepping up their production and we don’t need to bother them. Now what the companies say is more proof that Trump knows absolutely nothing about business. The companies themselves have said they can’t retool and just start making stuff. They need work orders generated from customer orders. And here’s where we get to the meat of this whole article. The president needs to sign these work orders through the Defense Production Act. That’s what it’s for. The presidents and boards of these companies are going to want to know where their money’s going. That’s business 101, duh! Now the second reason here is that I think Trump and Jared happen to like having limited supplies in a pandemic.

I personally fervently believe that the money they make off the supplies goes into the Widows And Orphans Fund. That’s what they call the fund that people pay the police for a little extra protection from criminals like the ones that collect for the fund.

Now like I said earlier. This is relevant in two ways. First, while other countries listened to the doctors and the scientists and completely locked down their countries, we had a haphazard joke of a lockdown which accomplished one main result of tanking our economy and put millions of people out of work with no real plan to fix it.  At this point, I would tell you of Trump’s plant to fix this national disaster that’s arguably the biggest disaster to ever hit us. But I cannot. Our esteemed leader has nothing.  No plan at all.

Hell, he doesn’t know what’s going on tomorrow let alone how to fix it. His re-election strategy is to attack Joe Biden who has a plan to fix it. It may or may not be the right plan and may need to be adjusted. But at least “Sleepy Joe” has a plan on paper. Trump doesn’t have squat and it goes downhill from there.

Now I said two reasons. The second one is that kids are tired of sitting at home with their parents. I get that! This has been going on for like six months or so. You can play Yahtzee so many times until you are making the same words for the same score. What this will cause in some areas is what they call the second wave. That’s where people that were able to avoid it the first time will get nailed the second time. But if you notice I said some areas. Most of our country hasn’t even got through the first wave!!

And now you have kids going out to school. Trump says he’s “comfortable” with that.  They – bless their hearts –  don’t understand all this social distancing and keeping your mask on at all times. They are just kids. And the whole reason for this article, to me! We will soon see a bunch more illnesses. It is what it is. And when the shit hits the fan, we are going to be in big trouble.

And in a lot of areas, we have grown complacent. I see it every time I go out. You are required to wear a mask when you enter a store. Unless I guess you are a Republican. I do live in a red state and that’s pretty much what I see. Of course, even Trump has mocked Joe Biden for wearing one!  Real patriots wear masks and have empathy for their fellow Americans. Obviously, Trump only does either of these things when he’s backed into a corner.  And obviously, our PPE problem is not going to be solved on his watch.


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