Today this tweet popped up.

So, why should we give a damn? This is probably the millionth time someone with sense has called for Trump’s ouster via the 25th Amendment. And Pence, who is the only one who can trigger it, will never, ever do it. Why is this important?

For the simple reason that Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, one of the main players in the House impeachment proceedings, and a House Democrat close to both Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. He’s a rising star in Democratic politics, and a powerful voice in the black and progressive Democratic communities.

And, most importantly, because Jeffries, a member of the House leadership, would have never issued such a damning tweet if Pelosi and the House Leadership weren’t behind it. I almost titled this “House Leadership Calls for 25th Amendment Invocation,” but that would be going further than Jeffries went. But not a lot further.

In short: Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership are calling for the White House to consider kicking Trump’s ass to the curb via the 25th Amendment.

So what in Bog’s name did the stupid son of a bitch say this time? Well, I didn’t watch it. I don’t watch any of his stunt “briefings.” The media pays people hazard pay to stick their heads in that rhetorical sewage pipe every day and extract…something…out of it. Here’s what I’ve gleaned from today’s Two-Minute Hate:

I tried. I really did try to listen to all 39 seconds of it. I felt a blood vessel over my eye start to throb about ten seconds in, and I ceased-and-desisted.

He told a blizzard of lies. Nothing new here. CNN has a breakdown of Trump’s daily breakdown. Apparently he tried to claim that having less casualties to COVID-19 than we suffered during World War I is a good thing. Or something.

Trump left the poduim at 6:16. (No one reported if he left a trail of diarrhea leakage behind him as he stalked off the stage.)

Jeffries posted his tweet 33 minutes later.

I have no idea what specifically prompted Jeffries to issue his call to consider a 25th Amendment remedy for Trump today. Maybe Pelosi just had as much of his vitrolic spew as she could handle. Maybe Jeffries just threw his hands up and said “Fuck it, let’s light this candle.” Whatever it was, I guarantee he ran it by Pelosi before posting it.

Twitter is a truly ephemeral flavor of social media. 99% plus of all tweets sink without a trace within minutes. This one may well sink right along with the rest of them.

But I think it may not. It is a shot fired across the White House’s bow by the House Democrats. For the first time that I’m aware of, a senior member of the House Democratic leadership publicly suggested that the 25th Amendment — the removal of the sitting president because he is mentally unfit for the job — be challenged.

Well, Tom, now that the House Democrats have opened that door, maybe they will. Bookmark Jeffries’s tweet. We might just want to refer back to it again.

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  1. Why is this subject (25th Amendment), not being on the front pages of all the press? We have all seen the way Trump behaves is not rational or making sense in any way. I can not believe that the Republicans want to have him as a leader!
    He has ruined the United States, and everyone is just letting him do it.
    I live in Australia, thank God, and most of us over here can see what is happening, and cant believe that no-one is stopping this man from sending the country down the drain.
    Please, don’t wait until November, it will be too late. if you vote Trump out, and I hope you do, have you thought how much damage he could do between November and January when he leaves office?


    • The way it is written only the party in power of the executive branch (VP and cabinet members) can broach the 25th. In what universe would the party in power do this? Certainly not ours.

  2. He should be removed. However I believe there would be some sort of civil war if we did. Just look at how some people are acting now. They follow everything he says and do not think beyond that. They have been waiting in the background to have things their way and think donnie is the one to let them. They feel the rules don’t apply to them. Unfortunately their gathering together to get their way will only cause them more pain and suffering. They don’t care what it will do to their families or other innocent people. They have no idea that he cares nothing about them. How many are in lines for food for their families? How many are trying to get unemployment? Are they aware the rich are again getting richer?

  3. This is the right time to rid the WH of trump. Doctors and nurses are getting sick and dying because of a lack of basic safty masks ect ect trump told states there on their own to fix the virus…. then when they comply and order the things, Trumps goons actually steal them .. and this behaviour isnt proof that the idiots mentally unfit for the job ffs Amirica !!! Grow a set n fk him off!!!!!


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