POTUS* is a “continuing threat to Democracy” – the end of the Trump era begins


It has come to this, despite complaints that it’s all happening too fast while Trump refuses to follow the law. As Speaker Pelosi prays for Trump, so should we pray for the nation.

Two presidents have been impeached by the House: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. No president has ever been convicted by the Senate, and so far there is no evidence that Republicans are willing to defect in large enough numbers to convict Trump. We’re not even sure any House Republicans will vote to impeach him.

Republicans control the Senate and thus can shape the trial to Trump’s political benefit. The trial is expected to start in January and could last anywhere from two weeks to two months.


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2 Comments on "POTUS* is a “continuing threat to Democracy” – the end of the Trump era begins"

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I don’t think that the motherland is getting worried at all, they’ve got everyone in place that suits their fancy. They have half of the republitards on payroll already. Just ask ole yerttle mcturttle and his wife, they are doing very well. Putin has got the whole right still believing that Ukraine is the patsy for the 2016 debacle. Even though it has been totally debunked. Yeah grumpfy is a loose cannon and who knows what he’ll do next

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Time will tell , but I’m betting the
EVANGELICALS , will be blamed for putting
Trump into the presidency.
Because ,they should have known better !