So much Tom “Lando” Cotton secession in a three block area of Portland, even smaller than Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP neighborhood.

Defenders of the Portland operation point to the unrest — vandalism and fires targeting the federal courthouse — as evidence of the need for federal intervention. The government has the authority to protect federal property; and the city, they argue, is enabling anarchists to run wild. “By any objective standard, the violence, chaos and anarchy in Portland is unacceptable, yet Democrats continue to put politics above peace while this president seeks to restore law and order,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) called the protesters “insurrectionists” and compared them to Confederate secessionists.

Writing for The Washington Post, Garrett Graff explained his view that Diligent Valor and Operation Legend (a separate initiative under which the Trump administration is sending federal law enforcement to Chicago and Albuquerque) aren’t justifiable, but that they’re probably legal.

But even if they’re legal, these operations stretch the spirit of the law to the point of unrecognizability. They also run afoul of supposed core principles that Republican administrations, including Trump’s, pay lip service to. That’s led to accusations that Trump is using unidentified Department of Homeland Security officers as his personal secret police force, invoking dark imagery of totalitarian governments. “Welcome to the world of performative authoritarianism,” writes the Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum, where the point of violating citizens’ rights and working at cross purposes from state and local leaders “is not to bring peace to Portland. The purpose is to transmit a message” that Trump, the figure at the top, is in charge.…

“Quit raising money off Ronald Reagan’s legacy”

Regis said to Trump every time he was on his show, “Trumpster, You need to run for President!”

person Regis Philbin camera television

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  1. Has that yo-yo in the White House every read the Constitution or heard of the Rule of Law? His role model must be Adolf Hitler.


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