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I’ve never thrown a party that shit the bed.

But Mikey has.

Fewer than 70 of 900 invited guests showed up to Mike Pompeo’s State Department Christmas party after warnings it could turn into a superspreader event

  • Event was avoided by majority of invitees amid outcry from U.S. health officials
  • Washington D.C. restrictions limit indoor gatherings to fewer than 10 people
  • Invitees said the celebration put the guests and staff at risk of Covid-19


PUBLISHED: 08:30 EST, 16 December 2020 | UPDATED: 08:33 EST, 16 December 2020

Fewer than 70 people showed up to Mike Pompeo‘s indoor Christmas party after he invited 900 people.

The event, hosted by the Secretary of State and his wife Susan at the State Department, was avoided by the majority of invitees on Tuesday after the celebrations prompted an outcry from public health officials.

Current restrictions in Washington D.C. limits indoor gatherings to fewer than 10 people amid the rising number of coronavirus cases.

So, the party that should have been cancelled, went on as planned.

And now Secretary Pompeo has egg on his face, and shit in his bed.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving lad.


Just a few of the more than 900 invitees to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s indoor holiday party showed up on Tuesday following a flood criticism that the event could become a superspreader for coronavirus, the Washington Post reported late Tuesday.

Public health officials and lawmakers had been warning for weeks that the indoor event, with a long list of invitees and a reception where eating and drink would encourage the removal of face masks, was an invitation to another less welcome guest — coronavirus infection.

About 70 people RSVP’d for the event dedicated to the family members of diplomats serving overseas in dangerous postings as of Monday night and just a fraction of that group showed up, the Post said.

Pompeo, who was scheduled to speak at the event, canceled his speech and tapped a substitute, two officials told the Post.

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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to “I avoided it like the plague!!!”

    I’m guessing that Mike is just beginning to get a sense of his political future… he’ll have to knock on the door of the local dog catcher and beg for a cup of votes… I think his next job may be in the Private Sector, and involve spinning a great big sign in a parking lot. Sure Mike, we’ll go check out Billy-Bob’s Pizza and Tax Preparation.

  2. Disgrace of a West Point cadet. Lead by example is what Pompe should do. Just a basic lesson but he must have skipped that class.


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