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Other than Trump, perhaps only Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been more universally criticized for an utter lack of morality, ethics and leadership. It is Pompeo who leads the department in which the earnest and sincere Marie Yovanovitch, Bill Taylor and George Kent work. One might think that Pompeo, as head of the State Department, might have some supportive words for those employees who took such risks and brought honor to their agency.

Pompeo was asked at a State Department press conference whether he had anything to say in support of the numerous State Department employees who have valiantly testified regarding the Ukrainian “plot.” Rawstory has the highlights:

“Issues surrounding the Democrat [sic] impeachment inquiry — just not going to do it today,” Pompeo said before attacking Democrats over the testimony of Bill Taylor, the acting United States ambassador to Ukraine.

“Ambassador [Marie Yovanovitch’s] departure preceded the arrival of Bill Taylor!” he exclaimed, laughing to himself. “Some ideas out there that [Yovanovitch’s removal] was to enable some nefarious purpose, you should all just look at the simple fact that it was Bill Taylor that replaced Ambassador yovanovitch.

Yes, we are looking at that. And in the video seen on MSNBC, Pompeo was asked if he could affirm that Taylor’s job was safe within the administration, and Pompeo said nothing at all as he walked out the door.

Make no mistake. This is all a message to anyone who might be considering testifying in this matter. They are sending the message that if you testify, you are dead to us, no matter how provocative the facts, no matter how justified, no matter how much you wish it were different, if you testify, you are dead to us. Pompeo’s reaction is every bit as much witness intimidation as Trump’s tweet during Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony.

This “regime” is dictatorial in every sense. To the extent they are not inflicting greater punishment upon those who have chosen to testify, it is only because they do not believe they would get away with it. Pompeo was called out in clear and devastating terms by Chuck Rosenberg, MSNBC’s legal analyst during Friday’s Marie Yovanovitch testimony. Rosenberg called Pompeo a coward, who failed to lead his department, all due to shameless allegiance to a man, Trump, over the constitution. This was Pompeo’s response, affirm the dictatorship, punish the dissenters.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. But it is infuriating to see in real time.


Peace, y’all

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