As this critical day dawns, we learn that the American people increasingly appreciate the threat the lawless president poses, and support the ultimate penalty. A majority of Americans now favor the impeachment process, and they favor it even prior to learning of the unprecedented State Department inspector general’s report to congress about the conflicted Mike Pompeo.

According to Politico,

A batch of recent polling confirms the Democratic impeachment push is gaining steam — including a new POLITICO/Morning Consult survey that shows for the first time that more voters support than oppose proceedings to remove Trump from office. The uptick is primarily among Democrats, as Republican voters surveyed continue to have Trump’s back.

In the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, 46 percent of voters said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings vs. 43 percent who said they should not. Eleven percent had no opinion. That support represented a 3-point bump from last week, when voters were evenly split.

The fact that a majority of Americans now favor impeachment represents a seismic shift that could ultimately determine the timeframe by which the process goes forward. Trump remains in office today only because it is widely believed that few Republicans would vote to remove him.

But each Republican sitting in the Senate now has to recalculate all previous assumptions, sticking beside Trump at all costs may incur the ultimate cost to their political career.

Before anyone breaks into a dance, it should be noted that the poll reflects whether the public favors the impeachment inquiry itself, and not “removal.” At this point, the people favoring “removal” still remain in the minority, at 44%.

Additionally, the impeachment question, like near everything else in this nation right now, remains deeply divided along partisan lines:

Voters are becoming even more divided along partisan lines on impeachment. The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows eight-in-10 Democrats support starting impeachment proceedings, while only 11 percent oppose that. Among Republicans, only 9 percent support impeachment proceedings, compared to 85 percent who oppose. Independents are split: 43 percent support beginning impeachment proceedings, while 39 percent are in opposition.

Among the 41 percent of all voters who approve of the job Trump is doing as president, only 5 percent say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against him, while 88 percent say Congress should not.

Make of that what you will.

For me, it tells me that there is no point in doing the “narrow and fast” impeachment proceeding advocated by so many in Congress. The public is not supportive of removal itself, not quite yet.

Still, the public has shifted its views after only seeing the tip of the corruption iceberg. Consider all we’ve learned in just the last week. And with each revelation, it seems the support to remove Trump grows. I cannot help but think that even larger scandals, more damning information – taxes, Deutsche Bank records – are coming, and sooner than we might think.

But, for now, the important takeaway is that public opinion is shifting, increasing the risk to each Republican senator who continues to defend Trump at all costs, oh, and increasing the risk to Trump, too.


Peace, y’all

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  1. Wait until all this starts sucking up the oxygen in the room, this will be televised and more people will be coming out to impeach this man and that is all he is flesh and blood like the rest of us, he has no special powers.


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