Hey all! I’ll be back to my regular diary posting after taking a nice break but I wanted to kick things off with some very encouraging news out of Michigan:

A WDIV/Detroit News poll asked voters about their thoughts on Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s job performance, as well as potential challengers to her re-election bid. Here are some of the findings:

Whitmer approval trending up after dip

Survey results show voters view Gov. Whitmer favorably by a margin of 47.6% favorable to 39.6% unfavorable. Whitmer is viewed favorably by Independent voters by a margin of 49.0% favorable to 32.9% unfavorable.

  • 56.2% of Michigan voters approve of the job being done by Gretchen Whitmer as governor, compared to 38.7% who disapprove.

That’s an improvement for Whitmer from the Fall, when her approval rating was 48.3% and her disapproval was near 44%.

So what’s driving the improvement? Survey results show it’s Independent voters.

In September 2020, 51.2% of Independents disapproved of her performance. They now approve of her performance by a margin 62.3% approve to 27.9% disapprove. Her approval among independent voters has gone from -11% to +34.4% — a 45-point reversal.

Notably, while Whitmer has 62.3% job approval among Independent voters, Joe Biden has only 39.4% job approval among independent voters, the WDIV/Detroit News survey found.

Here’s how Whitmer tests against all her GOP opponents:





Democracy and Health are on the ballot this year and we need to get ready to make sure to keep Michigan Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Whitmer and her fellow Michigan Democrats campaigns:

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