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Quinnipiac University National Poll is out with their latest polling data and it paints an ugly picture of Donald Trump and his first year in office. Let’s go to the lowlights, where 56 percent of voters give him a “D” or an “F”:

Grading President Trump’s first year in office, 39 percent of voters give him an “F,” while 17 percent give him a “D.” Trump gets an “A” from 16 percent of voters, a “B” from another 16 percent and a “C” from 11 percent of voters, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh- pe-ack) University Poll finds. 

Surely it has to get better from there, right? Nope. When asked to describe his first year, the top response was “disaster.”

In an open-ended question, allowing any answer, 69 voters (not percent) describe Trump’s first year in office as a “disaster,” followed by 62 voters who say “chaotic,” 44 voters who say “successful,” 28 voters who say “horrible,” 27 voters who say “great,” 26 who say “good,” 24 who say “terrible,” 24 who say “embarrassing” and 23 who say “interesting.” 

Fifty-seven percent of Americans polled said Trump was unfit to serve. Fact check: TRUE. 

In general, they have a very low opinion of Trump. He’s viewed as dishonest, a bad leader, doesn’t care about average Americans and doesn’t share their values. 

President Trump’s grades on most character traits are down significantly since his first post-inaugural poll January 26, 2017, as voters say:

  • 63 – 34 percent that he is not honest;
  • 59 – 39 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;
  • 59 – 38 percent, that he does not care about average Americans;
  • 59 – 39 percent that he is a strong person;
  • 65 – 32 percent that he does not share their values.

Most poll participants had a good outlook on the economy, but they didn’t necessarily give Trump full credit. 

Trump’s policies are helping the nation’s economy, 37 percent of voters say, as 29 percent say his policies are hurting the economy and 30 percent say these policies are not making much difference. 

But 49 percent of voters say former President Barack Obama is more responsible for the state of the economy, while 40 percent say Trump is more responsible. 

More people believe Trump’s policies are hurting them than not but most don’t believe his policies are making a difference:

Only 24 percent of voters say Trump policies are helping their personal financial situation, while 26 percent say his policies are hurting them and 47 percent say his policies are not making a difference. 

And how is Trump reacting to the poll? By cherry-picking the one bright spot in the entire poll:

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