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Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson are causing some sleepless nights in drumpf-land, and they may be the reason the Orange Ogre is up and tweeting at 4 AM this morning….


The White House is planning a political rescue mission in Florida, fearing a wipeout in a key swing state next month that could damage President Donald Trump’s reelection hopes.

Trump is expected to visit the state at least twice, according to two people familiar with the plans. Visits from several Cabinet members are likely, as well. Presidential text messages are being sent to Floridians who still haven’t cast their absentee ballots. And discussions are underway about blanketing the state with robocalls from Trump…..

“It is both my hope and my expectation that the president will be in Florida so much between now and the election that Floridians will be hearing ‘Hail to the Chief’ in their dreams,” said Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a staunch Trump ally who’s been in touch with the president.”

Gillum, in particular, worries the White House.

“A victory by Democrat Andrew Gillum, on the other hand, could buoy Trump’s general election opponent. Gillum, an African-American mayor of Tallahassee, has excited liberals across the state — and presumably, he would work to gin up support for the eventual Democratic nominee.

“A Gov. Gillum would be a significant obstacle for a Trump presidential campaign in Florida, and a Gov. DeSantis would be a significant asset,” said Mac Stipanovich, a longtime Republican lobbyist in the state.

“If they think Florida’s important, which I’m certain they do,” Stipanovich said of the administration, “they should be quite worried.”

It is unclear to me how Trump’s visits are supposed to help either Scott or DeSantis. I think the voting lines are already pretty static.

Not to be complacent, but 538.com rates Gillum’s chance at a victory at 80% and Nelson’s at 75%.

If that’s where they want to concentrate their efforts I welcome it.

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