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Political conspiracy theorist, birther, and long time ally of Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, says that he will soon be indicted by Robert Mueller, and guess what, it’s all due to the evil machinations of the Deep State. Washington Post:

“The Department of Justice is run by criminals,” Corsi said, adding: “I think my crime really was that I supported Donald Trump. Now I guess I’ll go to prison for the rest of my life, because I dared to oppose the Deep State. “ […]

On Monday, Corsi told listeners of his daily live-stream web program that he turned over two computers, emails and other communications to Mueller and sat for six interviews totaling more than 40 hours since receiving a subpoena two months ago.

But he said that his cooperation had “exploded” in recent weeks and that Mueller’s team has now said he will be criminally charged.

“I’m going to be indicted. That’s what we’ve been told. Everyone should know that,” he said.

“I anticipate being indicted on a charge of some form of lying,” he said. “Trying to explain yourself to these people is impossible …. I guess I couldn’t tell the special prosecutor what he wanted to hear.”

Corsi is one of nine associates of Roger Stone who have been interviewed by Robert Mueller to determine whether anyone in Trump’s orbit coordinated with WikiLeaks in the release of emails belonging to the DNC which were allegedly hacked by Russian operatives. Looks like the noose is tightening. I wonder when they’ll get to the part where Trump invited Russia to hack Hillary’s email on national television? Or, would that constitute “presidential harassment?”

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