At the Trump Impeachment we are following the Trump news carefully, looking not just for news about the latest horrors and gaffes by Trump and his administration, but also meaningful analysis and opinions on Trump and his effects on society. In our search, we have found “A Trump Show – Justice in the Trump Era”, a podcast by Dennis Trainor Jr.

Dennis Trainor Jr is a writer, producer, and storyteller who has created nationally syndicated TV programs and a critically praised documentary on the Occupy movement. Now Dennis has brought his insight, biting analysis, and wit to “A Trump Show,” which he describes as “an exploration of justice in the Trump era”.

Today’s podcast, titled “Trump Renews ‘American Spirit’ with Assist from Navy Seal’s Widow”, is a timely and insightful analysis of Donald Trump’s joint address to Congress. Trainor walks us through the highlights of the speech, from Trump’s use of the widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens as a prop–something, as he correctly points out, done by both Republican and Democratic Presidents in the past, to the lack of actual substance. And Trainor reminds us that despite Trump’s flashes of style, behind that lies a vision of America espoused by the likes of Bannon and his cronies.

Although Trump’s performance may have garnered more praise than many expected, some of which has been misinterpreted, it was only Trump displaying his reality TV skills. And if this speech is a turning point where Trump transforms his act from a repugnant clown show to a polished reality TV show, it may be a significant moment. The moment where he becomes truly dangerous.

New episodes of “A Trump Show” are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find them here:

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