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Last May Politico reporter Mackenzie Mays wrote a story for the Fresno Bee about a sex fueled-cocaine-and-girls (who may or may not have been of the age of consent cruise) party on a corporate yacht owned by Alpha Omega Wineries, the now Russian owned vintner that California congress-critter Devin Nunes is invested in.

The story is not complimentary of Nunes, but neither is it in anyway libelous. At no point does Mays accuse the cattle sewer (pun intentional) of having any knowledge of the goings on on the party sloop that he is part owner of… in fact she goes out of her way to distance Nunes from the orgy:

“Nunes is among more than 50 people who own a percentage of Alpha Omega, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. He reported he made between $2,501 and $5,000 from Alpha Omega in 2016.

Limited partners are only liable for the debts equal to their investment in the company, and typically have “little knowledge or participation in the activities of the partnership,” according to the California Tax Service Center.

Nunes’ ties to Alpha Omega made national headlines last year because it was discovered the winery sold wine to Russian clients in 2013. The discovery came amid Nunes’ ongoing involvement in a federal investigation of Russian meddling into the presidential election.”

Nonetheless, Nunes, who is no doubt chagrined at having his already disgraced name associated with cocaine and possible underage sex, is suing Mays for $150 million dollars with the help of his back-of-the-cereal box lawyers who, hilariously, are making a complete hash out of the suit and engendering much laughter on Twitter….

(to explain the guffaws, keyword searches on Twitter return the results with search terms bolded. MacKenzie did not bold them in her orange-inal Tweet.)

This lawsuit is obviously not designed to prevail in court, but to have a chilling effect on journalists looking for the truth in this Trumpian age of lies.

You can easily support Mackenzie by following her on Twitter, as many have done in the last twenty-four hours… her number of followers has ballooned by nearly 10,000 in that time frame:

When they come for the livestock and journalists can you and I be far behind?

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