Habits are hard to break, compulsions difficult to resist.  I can only imagine the struggle and determination to kick an actual addiction.

It pains me so to see The Former trending first and even second or third, again, on Daily Kos.  I’m bailing on Raw Story because enough is enough.

Are we all so blase about Joe Biden because we have an unfulfilled need to hear blech about The Former?  What he says, farts, thinks, secretes, vomits?  What his followers parrot on his behalf?  What the elected Republican seditionists are willing to do on his behalf or to retain power by kissing his ass to please their potential voters?

Yes!  He’s a cancer metastasized on the country.  He’s a pathetic excuse of a human being.  A disgusting blot on humankind. And yes!  His influence on the body politic remains strong.

But, is there not a way to save America as America without all these “trendings”?

Can we not address our root problems without this superficial fascination?  Without clicking on all this distracting bait?

Oh, no, problems can’t be solved without addressing them.  And their root causes.  Well, we addressed his enormously fat, sorry ass.  We voted him out of office.


Professional Republicans.  Especially elected Republicans in state legislatures and governorships.  Elected Republicans in national Congress.  Republican narratives throughly, endlessly promoted by Beltway media.

White supremacy and militias and homegrown terrorists. QAnon.  Big Liars.  Talk Radio.  Climate deniers.  Anti-vaxx bullshitters.  Racism.  Religious phoneys.  Intolerance of immigrants.

(Feel free to add your own.)

But, ENOUGH of The Former.  He’s by far the worst we’ve ever had.  Period.  The country as a Democratic Republic stands as close to destruction as ever.  Enough with picking at scabs!  The Former this, The Former that.

And as we continue to address those problems we must address, as I’ve mentioned, can we not focus on the positive forces of nature among us?

This is what and who I want to see trending:

Stacey Abrams.  Beto O’Rourke.  Merrick Garland.  Anthony Fauci.  Russ Feingold.  Al Franken.  Adam Schiff.  Rachel Maddow.  Eric Boehlert.  Ron Klain.  Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.  Jen Psaki.  Deb Haaland.  Hunter. Barack Obama. Katie Porter. Paul Krugman.  Bill from Portland, Maine.  Elisabeth Warren.  Scott Gottlieb.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Nancy Pelosi.

Kamala Harris.


Thanks.  We’re in this together.

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