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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step   Chinese proverb

Yeah, I know, it’s frustrating. I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated, everybody’s frustrated except for Trump whose the one doing all of the frustrating. But as frustrating as it is right ow, the Democrats are embarking on a process, a process that will lead to benefits down the road.

Yesterday, Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Trump’s Ambulance Chaser in Chief, William Barr, in contempt of Congress. I can only assume that Speaker Pelosi will call the sanction to the floor for a full House vote sometime next week, after all of the paperwork is finished. And then it’s off to court.

If the Democrats are smart, they won’t even waste time waiting for Barr’s DOJ to “process” the criminal prosecution request before they wipe their ass with it, although there is PR value in forcing the DOJ to appear just as lawless as their head in defying the contempt citation.

Immediately following a successful vote in the House, the House should immediately file suit in a civil court, requesting expedited processing. A civil court is where the action is anyway. The civil court can find Barr in contempt of congress, and when Barr fails to comply, now he’s in contempt of court, an entirely different but co-equal branch of government, and the judge can assess fines or even jail Barr for contempt. In Watergate, it took less than 3 months from the time the House filed suit in court for the case to be expedited through the courts to the point that the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon had to turn over the tapes.

And it shouldn’t be just Barr either. Chairman Neal should immediately begin contempt of congress proceedings against Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, for refusing to turn over Trump’s tax filings, and start a separate hearing for the IRS Commissioner, who is the one actually named in the statute with responsibility for compliance. And if Don Mcgahn refuses to comply with the documents request, which he already has, and fails to show up to testify, hold him in contempt too. Intel committee chair Adam Schiff should subpoena Diaper Donnie Redux to testify, and when he fails to show up, file contempt proceedings against him too. And if Deutsche Bank and Mazars continue to defy subpoenas after the court rules against the Trump Klan, hold them in contempt too.

Because, never lose sight of the fact that President Panty Plucker is the ultimate dumbass. If a major league shortstop had a batting average equal to Trump’s success rate in court, he’d be back in AA ball tomorrow. Executive privilege is not a tarp that you throw over the compost heap, it’s a hankie you use to cover your nose when you sneeze. By claiming executive privilege over everything he has ever uttered since his first outraged holler when the doctor paddled his fat ass, in this as in all things, Trump overreached. And it’s going to cost him.

As he just did in his deciding that executive privilege is the hill he’s willing to die on. In US v Nixon, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that executive privilege is not a blanket assertion, that it only applies in limited circumstances, and for limited kinds of communications. And “I can’t afford to let this shit become public” is not within the parameters. The fact that there is already legal precedent in both expediting lawsuits concerning congressional subpoenas, as well as a SCOTUS decision on the limits of Presidential executive privilege should help to push the process along.

But we only have this gift for one simple reason. And that reason is that back in 1974, the congress and their lawyers didn’t give up, they didn’t switch tactics, and they didn’t cur corners. They took a critical matter, they acted on it, and they followed the process to its conclusion. And that is exactly what this congress must do right now. Not only for the current situation at hand, but for what it will mean in the future. And follow through on every last lawless refusal to comply that they can charge contempt on, and bring into court.

because, as hard as it is to believe it, while we’re neck deep in a sea of shit, and our water wings are leaking, we will survive this. And somewhere down the road, hopefully long, long after you and I have shuffled off of this mortal coil, there will be another arrogant dipshit who manages to be elected President, and tries to turn himself into a tin horn dictator. And every successful contempt charge that we make stick today, will make it easier for a future congress to use the established case law to stop this nonsense so much quicker in the future. because that’s the gift that that congress gave us 45 years ago, when they followed the process, and forced the last lawless President to slink off with his tail between his legs.

Don’t stop what we’re doing. Keep holding hearings, keep investigating, keep making demands. And when an administration official refuses to comply, follow up contempt of congress proceedings with impeachment proceedings, and vote to impeach. That should keep that traitorous little turtle McConnell occupied in the Senate, and stop the relentless flow of shoddy judges from being approved. But never ignore the process, it takes more tie, but it’s well worth it. If not for ourselves, then for our children.

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