This stunning display went out on the GOP Twitter feed. It has a blue check mark, but it’s either got to be parody, or somebody dropped acid in the water cooler over there and shanghaied the official Twitter account.

So, what’s the logic here, steal the election and then steal the campaign slogan?

Yep, the Twitterverse remembers what you remember. Apparently, it’s just the GOP that is living in an alternate reality.

Could we be looking at Trump’s new 2020 slogan?

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  1. How long will this sack of sh*t be alloud to remain in the WH destroying America and her people doesn’t anyone have any balls ????

    • I keep telling myself we’ll have the White House back in sane hands in 2020. If we get extraordinarily lucky, we might see Trump resign, a la Nixon, sooner. Keep the faith.


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