gale ngia / Flickr Trump wiretap charge flummoxes law enforcement...
gale ngia / Flickr

A television reporter at WTAE-Pittsburgh obtained a copy of an internal email from the Pittsburgh Police Department, ordering detectives to prepare for riots in the eventuality that Donald Trump would fire Robert Mueller. This is chilling.

The question that comes to mind is who in the Pittsburgh P.D. has heard what and from whom? Do they know something we don’t?

Also, peaceful marches are one thing, rioting in the streets is quite another. Has the toxicity of Trump gotten to where people are actually ready to do this? Or, and this is not meant as conspiracy theory, only a speculation: is this some kind of a false flag operation?

I lived through the Rodney King riots 25 years ago. Los Angeles was on fire and the smoke drifted all the way out to my apartment which was four miles from the beach. It was stultifying until the ocean breezes shifted. The gridlock traffic as people attempted to flee pockets of carnage was frightening to be in. We went home and cowered, glued to the television set.

This is sobering.

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  1. The Reps are a bunch of gutless wonders, i cant believe their going to flush morals n values down the toilet, to win some votes!!!.. shame America Shame


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