Screencapture Music and Fireworks / YouTube roger waters resist...
Screencapture Music and Fireworks / YouTube

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is kicking off his 2017 U.S. tour this month, beginning with a powerful reminder that this is the guy who wrote The Wall.

Roger Waters is sending a very clear message to Donald Trump as part of his new Us + Them world tour. The message is “Fuck Trump”.

Waters showcases the Trump circus during a show-piece section of the show with the Pink Floyd Animals album song Pigs (Three Different Ones). Various images portray Trump wearing lipstick, in a blond wig, in dominatrix leather gear and a naked Trump with a tiny penis. Waters brands the demagogue ‘Charade’.

Waters also floats an enormous inflatable pig over the audience with Trump’s face emblazoned on it. Facebook’s Union Thugs pointed out that the opening show for some reason had some Kansas City attendees seemingly surprised by Waters’ political assertiveness.

Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, kicked off his 2017 U.S. tour in Kansas City on Friday night…There were reports of pissed off Trump supporters walking out of the show.

Throughout the concert, Waters posted various messages on the hundreds of square footage of video screens attacking Trump, the human violations in Syria, war in general, racism, as well. The “fans” who didn’t like the anti-Trump message must have been super bummed out to see children on stage, sporting “Resist” t-shirts during Waters’ rendition of “Another Brick in the Wall.”  I mean, the guy wrote The Wall for Christ sakes. What did you think that was about?

There is a snippet with the chidren from the concert in Waters thank-you to the fans:

You can watch the soundcheck and the show below, if you have a few hours. It’s a pretty impressive production but I guess some people were hoping he would just play “See Emily Play” and “Bike” for two hours.

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