Who would have guessed that this would have flopped?

Mike Lindell’s failed online platform, “Frank”, hosted a rally at the River’s Edge Apple River concert venue in New Richmond, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 12th.  


Lindell promised at least 30,000 attendees. They are nowhere close. In fact, there’s only 2000 chairs even set up, and there’s plenty of space.

The big news from the Insane Qlown Pillow Posse event wasn’t the attendance, or any of the speeches from the usual list of conspiracy theorists, or Lindell’s announcement that he hired private investigators to discover why Fox News won’t book him, or the claims that Trump would appear in person-— just on a jumbotron. The big news so far was Lindell himself promising a military flyover of jets after the national anthem was sung.  No one knows why he really thought military jets would fly over his event, but since he believes Trump is still president, it’s not surprising. 

It was pretty sad, however:


Awkward.  Maybe the jets were in his head?

I don’t think these events can get much sadder, but I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong this summer.

Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 · 10:27:57 PM +00:00 · SemDem

Update: More people trickled in, but attendance was still pathetic. I saw estimates range from 400 to 1500, nowhere close to the 30k Lindell promised.  Video shows people leaving soon after they arrived because it was very 🔥hot, and they can get their conspiracies at home.  Apparently, Mike hired a private company with WWI-era planes to do a flyover, and they showed up several hours late.  Money well spent. 

Trump spoke via the glitchy jumbotron, and whined about the election yet again. He also called immigrants “killers” and “thugs.” How pathetic are your supporters to listen to the exact same garbage over and over again?  One of the funniest things was the float that said TRUMP 2021, because the morons in attendance still actually believe Trump will be “reinstated” in two months. Lindell closed out begging his audience to share videos of the event on his new platform, which is a feature that is not even enabled yet. By and large, this event has been ignored by the media, but Lindell paid a fortune putting it on. That makes me smile.  

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  1. So Pillow Man wasted his money, wasted people’s time, and wasted any potential at using his “rally” to support his cause. Sounds like a great day for sane people of the world.


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