No doubt MyPillow guy Mike Lindell was worried about being taken out of context. Unfortunately for him, the relevant context here is that he’s just as batshit and confused in a long-form format as he is in small, mostly indigestible sound bites.

Last weekend Lindell held a MAGA Frank Speech rally in my home state of Wisconsin. I didn’t travel back home for it, as the Old-Fashioned and Bud Light (not to mention Kaukauna) fumes are still stinging my nostrils from the last go-around. You might coax me back to Sconnie with an Alvin Styczynski show, but not for this clown caravan.

A few thousand MAGA boosters (Lindell had predicted 30,000 lost souls would show up) fought off the ennui of our rapid return to normalcy in order to bare their tooth in front of the fake news media while absorbing the collective wisdom of Diamond & Silk; Dinesh D’Souza and his daughter Danielle; Charlie Kirk; Sheriff David Clark; former White House temp Donald Trump; and the Solid Gold Dancers. (One of those is a joke. Actually, they’re all jokes. Only one of them is not Lindell’s joke.)

Lindell spoke as well, and all I could think was 1) this guy’s cheese has slid completely off his cracker and been pre-booked on the first SpaceX flight to Mars and 2) Jesus Butterball Christ, Ned Flanders has really let himself go.

One of the odder portions of Lindell’s oration came when he talked about how horrible The Daily Show, which had just interviewed him, was. 


The correspondent was Jordan Klepper. I can only assume Lindell was unfamiliar with Klepper’s work, as he’s a well-known wiseass with a preternatural knack for making dumb people look even dumber. 

Enter Mike.

Lindell was so upset with Klepper and his crew that he preempted Klepper’s own Daily Show piece with raw footage of Lindell “owning” Klepper. And then Lindell scurried on over to Steve Bannon’s War Room—where Bannon daily regales his audience with an on-the-nose Pizza the Hutt impression—to whine his snowflake arse off.

It’s long, so I won’t transcribe it, but you can view it with y’all’s own peepers right here:

I’ll let you decide who got the better of that conversation. (Spoiler alert: It’s not the screamy ambulatory pornstache in the cheap suit.) But it’s interesting that Lindell apparently thought this clip would make him look good—erm, better.

Needless to say, I look forward to the official Daily Show cut. Though I can only assume it will make him look a bit less stupid than this clip did—if only for the fact that it will almost certainly be shorter.

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Friday, Jun 18, 2021 · 3:50:35 AM +00:00 · Aldous J Pennyfarthing

The Daily Show version has dropped. Compare and contrast: 

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