Well, I came across a couple of stories on Yahoo News from Saturday 8/6/22 that add to the effect of the anti-abortion laws in red states. Physician recruiters are having trouble filling positions, not only ob-gyn, but other specialties as well. One recruiter was turned down by 20 doctors, who did not want to practice in a red state. One doctor had a three word answer: “Roe vs. Wade.” Resident physicians are not seeking employment in red states.  Medical students are preparing to look elsewhere for residencies.

This will have an enormous negative impact on health care for all, but especially for women in rural areas. Emphasis mine.

Tom Florence, president of Merritt Hawkins, an AMN Healthcare company said:

“To talk to approximately 20 candidates that state they would decline to practice in those restrictive states, that is certainly a trend we are seeing,” Florence said. “It is certainly going to impact things moving forward.”


Tellingly, Florence added, none of the recruiters had encountered a single physician seeking to practice in a state because it had banned abortion.


A third-year OB/GYN resident at U-N. M., Alana Carstens Yalom attended medical school at Tulane University, in New Orleans. She had entertained the idea of going back to Louisiana for her medical practice. Not anymore. She wants abortion care to be a part of her OB/GYN practice, and Louisiana has a ban.

“Now I don’t think that is even an option for me,” she said.


Red states will lose business revenue and probably have a decline in population, which could be a good result.

“Major pharmaceutical company looks to expand out of Indiana following abortion ban,” is the headline of a Yahoo News article, originally published by The Hill.

Indiana-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly announced in a statement obtained by The Hill on Saturday that it would look to expand employment growth outside the state following the passage of a near-total ban on abortion.


We are concerned that this law will hinder Lilly’s – and Indiana’s – ability to attract diverse scientific, engineering and business talent from around the world,” the company added


“As a global company headquartered in Indianapolis for more than 145 years, we work hard to retain and attract thousands of people who are important drivers of our state’s economy. Given this new law, we will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside our home state,” the company concluded.


Eli Lilly will not be the only company to do this. More will follow, especially in the areas of technology and science, imo. The law of unintended consequences for the GOP in their zealous scheme to restrict a woman’s right to choose.

Monday morning – Thanks to DrBoomer for his stronger statement: “The law of unintended consequences for the GOP in their zealous scheme to” control the lives of all humans, especially women and POC.”

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