A psychology teacher of mine once explained the literal definition of the word “responsible” as response-able. Someone who is able to make a response, as in responsible adult. Donald Trump, by his own admission, is “not responsible at all.” Yesterday, the ceremonial-only president visited the launch of the SpaceX missile, while demonstrations which started five days ago in Minneapolis have continued and spread to 74 cities. And this, while deaths from COVID-19 are averaging 30 a day, and 42 million Americans are unemployed, a sight unseen since the Great Depression.

Trump has no public appearances on his calendar for today and it was speculated that perhaps he would make an Oval Office address. His national security adviser told Jake Tapper, “So, whether he has an address from the Oval or he speaks to the press, he’s accessible and will continue to be accessible to the country and give his views on these events, which are — which are tragic for the country.” Really, ya think? But then that posture was apparently rethought, and this is what came out of the White House next.

So, what it boils down to, your *resident is unavailable for comment, as the tear gas canisters fly, police cars are set aflame, looting takes place as storefront windows are smashed. And your *resident is persona in absentia. With nothing on his calendar. So, what’s he doing, playing mini-golf in the White House basement or watching Fox News?

There may be a photo lid, but there’s not a Twitter top to go with it. Here’s Trump’s latest salvo of policy and piffle.

As explained above, Trump is not response-able. This is his best shot. This is what you get. And here were his only other comments today — so far. It’s all Antifa’s fault. Wait, give him time, he’ll bring Hillary and George Soros into this, any minute now.

Trump doesn’t have a mind, he has a limited template of responses to any given situation. To him, life is a simple zero-sum game. There’s the Enemy, fill in the blank with Obama, Hillary, Mueller, you name it, and the Enemy is always in the service of the Democrats, who are the True Enemy, and in the service of the True Enemy is the go-to Problem, which is the media. Everything that comes out of his mouth is this hyper simplistic drivel, variations on an equation that the Enemy of the moment and the True Enemy are in league and that wouldn’t matter so much but for the fact that the Problem keeps reporting facts. If only the Problem would stop talking about things that are happening and be like what Kim Jong-Un has in North Korea, everything would be fine. But they won’t, so he hates them most of all.

This is Trump’s mind. This is all there is. And if the thought that a mind like this is in the Oval Office hasn’t fried every circuit in your psyche by now, you’ll probably make it until November.

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  1. I intend to take a dump on his grave, unless it’s unmarked, naturally. I can sniff out nazis a mile away and the republiCLOWN party is full of them.

  2. Oh his little bitch ass is available if you know the code to the bomb shelter in the basement of the White House. I say leave him down there. Country will be better off.

  3. Trump has always blamed the other guys
    for everything he’s done that is stupid.
    That’s been his (hallmark of blame) .
    It’s always the “other dude “did it .
    He’s “never taken responsibility “,for his
    racist stupidity!
    And of course his mind has always been in a bunker mode .
    Isolated and alone, even when he’s at meetings.
    He’s only with people when he’s hosting a political rally.
    Because he’s acting as one of them ( his base ) , because they don’t know him and he’s doesn’t know them .
    When he stood in front of the church , holding a
    (Bible , backwards) ,he exposed himself as a fool .
    But , he must have thought about (how it would look )before he did it .
    We can see his mind set , by his lack of understanding , for how folks ( really) see him !

  4. The real question is , Antifa ,and is it a real organization?
    Is it incorporated? Or just a notion or idea , which is not an organization. And couldn’t be designated as a terrorist organization ?


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