Peter Navarro, for reasons known only to Peter Navarro and apparently not even to Donald Trump, went on Fox News Monday and announced that the China trade deal had finally collapsed. That sent U.S. stock-index futures reeling by more than 400 points, before Trump got on Twitter and said the China trade deal was just fine, and then Navarro said that he had been quoted “wildly out of context.” Here’s the video of what he said. You decide.

On Thursday Trump said that there could be a “complete decoupling from China” according to Market Watch.

In all events, two very alarming signs coming out of Trump world. 1. the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, if Trump has to get on Twitter and say the dead opposite of what his economic adviser says on Fox News, and 2. the conspiracy theory that Navarro was pushing was over the top.

“They came here on January 15, to sign that trade deal and that was a full two months after they knew that virus was out and about…it was at a time when they had sent hundreds of thousands of people to this country to spread that virus, it was just minutes after wheels up and that plane took off that we began to hear about that pandemic.”

Navarro is lying through his teeth. He personally was sending memos to Trump about the pandemic in January. Plus, the Trump administration knew about the pandemic in November. They told Israel and NATO and did nothing else about it. That story broke in April and I was amazed then and am amazed now that it wasn’t a bigger story. Evidently the decision was made by the White House to lie that nothing was known about the pandemic until mid-January. Trump has repeatedly denied getting memos in January or February from Navarro about the pandemic killing half a million Americans and costing as much as $6Trillion. The takeaway here is that if somebody in this administration thinks they can sell a bold faced lie, they’ll give it a shot. Kayleigh McEnany lied through her teeth today, saying that Trump never used the phrase, “Kung flu.” Yes he did. He said it on live television in Tulsa and millions of us heard it.

So now, back to it all being China’s fault, as you hear, from both Trump and Navarro, China deliberately set out to get the United States and sent “thousands of people…to spread the virus” and apparently this is the strongman Trump talking point that they’re hoping to sell in November.

Something got botched tonight, that much is clear. But like everything else in Trump world, it will take a little time to track down and sort out. What a crew of incompetents on a ship of fools, with a “stunningly uninformed,” to quote John Bolton, idiot at the helm.

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  1. and within hours the fuhrer wanna be comes out and says its BS that the deal is intact…. You cant make this stuff up….. idiots all….


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