Yes, I never thought that I, at 52 years old, would be living in a nursing home. Yes living at a nursing home has many drawbacks. Your sanity and health depend on the kindness and workmanship of people receiving ridiculously low wages for a job that is needed and welcomed by me, but has a huge hiring shortage. Who would want to make 13 dollars an hour, dealing with people yelling at them, cleaning up “accidents” etc? I can answer in one word…angels

This is my 3rd nursing home. The first one I was just at a short time. In order to get into a long term care nursing home facility you need to get approved by Medicaid first, and then find a place (Which nowadays is near impossible) that has an open Medicaid bed. 

The first place I was at was very nice, but they had to ship me out as they had no beds open for long term care, I was sent to a second nursing home which, long story made short, was not a good match I am now in the 3rd place and although no place is perfect, is a good place. It is back in the city that I grew up in and know the most, just¼ mile from a major Jewish (Orthodox) area of the metro Detroit area, so I am glad of that. Once they open up from COVID restrictions I look forward to having several Chabad Lubavitch folks come by to help me further my Jewish education. Although I was raised Jewish, it was Reform, and my biggest regret in life was not being more religious than I am, so I am taking steps to rectify that. That is another main attraction of this place, it is within walking distance of that community here.

Anyway, other than my blood sugar levels being out of control (This happens because I am basically immune to regular insulin, and Medicaid does not want to pay for my  extra-strength stuff) I am doing well, happy with the staff, and content.

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