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Sen. Lindsey Graham spouted off to the Greenville (SC) News about unemployment benefits being too generous in the Coronavirus relief bill and “incentivizing” people not to work.

He either doesn’t know or is spouting pure bullshit to make it sound like people can just decide to quit their jobs and collect unemployment instead of work.

You can’t. You can only collect unemployment if you’re fired or laid off.

It did not go well when the newspaper posted about the story on its Facebook page.

In fact, there isn’t a single positive comment about Graham as people correct Graham’s misinformation about unemployment and say the one-time $1200 payment they could get is not enough to get them through this crisis.

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  1. we will see how much norths Carolina LIKES A KISS ASS.
    because the Republicans are in a contest to see who is the biggest KISS ass OF THEM ALL. In the running are, Mitch ,Flimsy Linsey, Meadows, and most of the majority of the senate.
    All of their lips are swollen from kissing Trumps ass .

  2. Mc Cain would be horrified with Lindsey.
    $1200 would probably not even pay the mortgage or rent for one month. He knows that he isn’t talking to the people. He is talking to his new mentor. He seems to need to attach himself to someone who will think for him and he is willing to sell his soul and drink the kool aide. I believe the people of South Carolina are embarrassed by his behavior like people of Maine are ashamed of Susie. And yes I sent a check to McConnell’s political opponent. She sounds like a winner. The people of KY are probably done with him too and his Russian steel factory and all his wife is up to.

  3. No respect for the working people that get up everyday & go to work in auto plants, & food production lines, & clean homes & businesses, & put themselves at risk caring for the sick. He thinks we’re all just stupid & lazy & none of us would bother to work until we’re starving so got to make sure we’re starving so we’ll be anxious to go back to work at our low wage, no benefit jobs. Then, when we ask for better wages & benefits we’re told you just need to work harder. Work two jobs & can’t afford health care. Hope Lindsey’s voters remember how he treated them come November.


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