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The Pentagon has rejected a request from the White House that active-duty troops provide law enforcement support for his migrant “caravan” nonsense.

According to two defense official(s) familiar with the request, the Department of Homeland Security asked that the Pentagon provide a reserve force that could be called upon to provide “crowd and traffic control” and safeguard Customs and Border Protection personnel at the border to counter a group of Central American migrants walking to the US border to request asylum.

The request was turned down because the Department of Defense felt that active duty troops do not have the authority to conduct that type of mission unless they are granted additional authorities by the President.

Defense officials have repeatedly emphasized the troops at the border are there to support civil authorities and that they are not expected to come into any contact with migrants.

And how much is this Trump propaganda political stunt going to cost the U.S. taxpayer? Estimates claim that costs could climb past $100 million. The only current threat to Americans is that Donald Trump continues his quest to bankrupt our country.

The Pentagon has yet to determine the cost of the operation, nor has it identified the account where the funding would come from. But the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimates that the cost of placing active duty troops on the border could range from $42 million to $110 million.

This is still going to cost taxpayers. Even though the Pentagon rejected the orange slime’s law enforcement request, they did approve other aspects of Trump’s phony and very costly mission.

The Pentagon rejected the request on October 26, according to one of the officials, even as it signed off on providing DHS with air and logistics support, medical personnel and engineers.

As a taxpayer, this should infuriate you. As a decent human being, watching Trump use migrants as a propaganda tool, and to inflame racism, you should be outraged.

Channel that outrage and vote them all out on November 6!


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