Pennsylvania leaks those unemployment claims Trump asked states to ‘keep quiet.’ They’re terrifying.

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Donald Trump wanted states to “keep quiet” about the number of unemployment claims that were going to be filed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that he exacerbated through his callous and malevolent indifference and neglect. The pandemic he sat on for nearly two months, telling us it was a “hoax” and would “all go away.” The one that was “all under control.” The one that he didn’t bother to prepare either our workers or our hospitals for.…

Pennsylvania, which (thank God) has a Democratic governor, dutifully agreed to keep those numbers quiet until Thursday morning.

Well, it’s Thursday morning, almost. And..gosh…one of our state senators, who will remain unnamed, just didn’t want to follow the program.

The economic bleeding from the coronavirus pandemic is already well underway in Pennsylvania. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

More than a whopping half a million Pennsylvanians have filed new unemployment claims during the last week, according to a state senator briefed by the Department of Labor and Industry. The 540,000 new unemployment claims — filed between March 16, when Gov. Tom Wolf first announced the closure of all nonessential businesses, and Tuesday — are a record number, and demonstrate the sweeping economic fallout from efforts to slow the coronavirus.

This is the highest number of weekly unemployment claims ever filed in Pennsylvania—by a factor of nearly ten.

Previously, the highest number of first-time claims filed in a week in Pennsylvania since at least 1987 was 61,181, in early 2010, according to federal labor statistics. The monthly total that year also set the previous record, topping out at 168,159.

It’s important to note that these claims only represent those actually eligible for unemployment compensation. Many other workers have lost their jobs as well.

Many of those who filed are low-wage workers. They are hotel housekeepers, baggage handlers, cashiers — workers already in precarious positions, facing unpredictable schedules, unaffordable health care, and no access to paid sick leave. And then there are workers who aren’t even reflected in the department’s count because they aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance: undocumented workers, gig workers, and workers who get paid in cash.


Yes, it’s really unsettling what one administration’s gross incompetence and malign neglect of Americans can accomplish.

This is a nightmare scenario. Welcome to the Trump Depression.

Elections matter. Competence matters. In spades.

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William J Stefens
William J Stefens
Hope all states follow suit and release their unemployment numbers for all to see how ^Trump’s gross incompetence. Granted he is not to blame for the virus coming to the country, as that was bound to happen. However, through his gutting of the departments who purpose is to take care of epedemics like this, along with his lies and misinformation, his lack of seriousness, and not using his powers to quickly get the needed tests and medical equipment to where it is needed from the get go 8s what has allowed it to get this bad. If we got the… Read more »
James Simcoe
James Simcoe

Turns out the New York Times has posted a state-by-state breakdown of Minuchin’s figures (379,000). And yet this Senator from Pa. has revealed that the true number is 540,000 as stated.


Not what was said at all. Another journalist following suit with false reporting. “We put public health above economics in the very, very short run. So, this is no surprise. This is expected and we should accept the news (about unemployment) because we’re doing what we need to do to combat the virus.” -President Trump


David Bishop
David Bishop

45% percent of the country disagrees and that’s all russia needs to ensure an electoral re-election of our dictator.