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Former Vice President Mike Pence reportedly “lost it” and “snarled” at former President Donald Trump in 2018 after getting a crumpled up newspaper article thrown at him.

A new piece in The Wall Street Journal adapted from reporter Michael Bender’s book Frankly, We Did Win This Election describes the conflict that arose between Trump and Pence in early 2021 when the vice president was set to preside over the certification of the election results. The report describes how Pence “wasn’t practiced in confronting” Trump, with the only example that administration officials could think of dating back to 2018.

At the time, Pence’s political committee had just hired Trump’s adviser Corey Lewandowski, and Trump reportedly held up an article about the news while complaining it made him look weak and like “his team was abandoning him.” Trump reportedly then “crumpled the article and threw it at his vice president,” saying, “So disloyal.” At that point, the report says Pence “lost it,” growing frustrated because Jared Kushner had asked him to hire Lewandowski and he had discussed the plan to do so with Trump.

“Mr. Pence picked up the article and threw it back at Mr. Trump,” Bender reports. “He leaned toward the president and pointed a finger a few inches from his chest. ‘We walked you through every detail of this,’ Mr. Pence snarled. ‘We did this for you — as a favor. And this is how you respond? You need to get your facts straight.'” Read more at The Wall Street Journal.


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