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Something, or nothing, or a whole bunch of things, is up in Washington DC.

Mike Pence and his chief of staff Marc Short, both personae non grata, are reportedly at the White House. Multiple white-top Marine helicopters have been circling over the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory. And a “disgruntled employee” altered the website of the Department of State to announce Trump’s term ending today.

No telling what the helicopter thing’s about, though the Twitter commentary is pretty wry. The Pence/Short presence at the WH is significant, as both have been on Himself’s shit list since Q-tip declared Biden president-elect.

Could the whole show of shit be pulling up stakes? Or is it just another Monday matinee? Stay tuned.

Non-informative update: Though many reporters (Jiang from CBS, etc.) confirmed Pence and/or Short arriving WH, no one has reported him leaving yet.


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  1. It’s my guess, Pence is trying to worm his way back into Trump’s good graces.

    He’s almost certainly telling him that falling the 25th is a good out… It prevents Congress from preventing him from ever running again (a virtual certainty if he waits to be impeached, and he will be impeached). Moreover it let’s Pence pardon him without any blow back from self pardon… that’s gotta be looking pretty good to Donny right about now.

    Pence get’s to look Presidential for a week, bring peace back to the republic, and try to regain the hearts and minds of Trump’s deplorables.

    Problem is, Trump is drowning. Drowning men do not let go of the floatation device voluntarily. This last week should prove interesting.


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