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Mike Pence is vacationing in Aspen and this is what he woke up to yesterday:

Apparently some of the neighbors are less than thrilled with him.

Additionally, Mike Pence may be asked to provide information in the new year about Trump Russia, a topic on which Pence has steadfastly maintained he is oblivious. CNN:

But despite of — or perhaps because of — his political acuity, Pence has remained largely oblivious to contacts between Trump officials and Russian operatives, at least according to his aides.
Aside from the Flynn episode, Pence’s aides said he did not know Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damning information about Hillary Clinton. And his office similarly claimed that Pence wasn’t aware of Trump Jr.’s contact with WikiLeaks in the closing days of last year’s presidential campaign. […]
The new questions raised by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation [a few weeks ago] signal what could be a pivotal moment in Pence’s careful calibration of trying to keep a safe distance from the Russia probe even while maintaining his credibility for being left out of the loop by the West Wing.
Pence — who was in charge of Trump’s transition — knew Flynn had contacted Russia, but was left unaware of the sanctions discussion, according to transition officials. It’s led to anxiety within Pence’s circle that he’ll eventually be called to sit for an interview with Mueller.

Of all the ruses that Mike Pence has endeavored to foist upon an admittedly gullible public, two are most notable: one, that’s he’s not in fact running a shadow campaign for 2020, even though he was the first sitting vice president ever to establish his own PAC last May, four months after he took office; and two, that even though he’s a heartbeat away from the presidency, and was head of the Trump transition team, Mike Pence is really a Washington outsider, with little or no knowledge of what the Trump administration actually does from day to day.  The latter concept truly strains the bounds of credulity. RawStory:.

“It is equally plausible that Pence is complicit in the lies propagated by the Trump administration and perhaps even involved in a cover-up of potentially impeachable transgressions,”  Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University in Washington, D.C., wrote in June. “That’s why he must be investigated thoroughly by the Congress and the FBI along with the president and other members of the Trump campaign team and administration.”

The Comey dismissal has been a key focus of Mueller’s investigation. Most probably, any examination of Mike Pence would begin there. This should be good.

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